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FAQs for Apprentices

FAQs for

    Apprentices will be registered with 1st Awards at the start of their apprenticeship journey. This is recommended to ensure planning is timely and to accommodate all requirements for End Point Assessment. If for any reason, an apprentice cannot be registered at the start of the learning programme, please inform a member of the 1st Awards team. It is the responsibility of the training provider to update the EPAO of any changes to apprentice details, reasonable adjustments, cancellations and changes to end dates.
    We will allocate one of our specialist End Point Assessors to your apprentice at the point of gateway. Failure to update and changes could result in delays to your End Point Assessment. Please note that it may be necessary to change your Independent Assessor to ensure the flawless experience of the assessment.
    Once the Employer, Apprentice and Training Provider has agreed the apprentice readiness for End Point Assessment, the Gateway Meeting will take place. During the Gateway discussion, you will need to identify a suitable planning meeting date and time. You may be asked to provide 3 dates and times in total to ensure all parties can attend. Please ensure that relevant documentation is available for this meeting e.g. ID, functional skills evidence, Business Project Synopsis (where applicable), Recipe Logs, Portfolios and mapping documents where required.
    This will take place between Employer, Apprentice, Training Provider and Independent Assessor and will last for approx. 30 minutes, The Employer should provide a 2-week work schedule to ensure availability of all required parties. The outline of EPA expectations will be covered during this meeting, including the role of the EPA, grading, appeals, re-sits, re-takes, reasonable adjustments and provides a perfect opportunity to raise any questions.
    Following on from the Planning Meeting, you will receive an email confirming your dates and times agreed for End Point assessments. Please ensure that any appointments that cannot be met due to unforeseen circumstances, are notified in a timely manner to the EPA to avoid any additional costs.
    End Point Assessments will be conducted at the agreed dates and times that were confirmed at the planning meeting
    Re-sits and re-takes will be made available as per the 1st Awards re-sit/re-take policy
    Please be aware that results will not be provided on the day of assessment. Each assessment component will be awarded a preliminary grade by the Independent Assessor and this will be Quality Assured to approve the grade. Results will therefore be made available via our online platform (ACE 360) approx. 7 days after the assessment took place.
    Each component that is assessed contributes to an overall Apprenticeship grade. These grades are pre-determined by the EQA.
    The overall grade will trigger the certification process which will take 30 days unless an overall Distinction grade has been awarded. In this instance, the certification process will be much quicker. Once the certificate has been issued, there will be full traceability via ACE 360 to determine when the certificate has been sent and to whom.
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