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I would like to give a 10.
The assessment is planned well and straight forward on all those 3 exams.
Tina Regler is great and very professional. She talked me through the process with a clear instruction and understanding. She is always pleasant to answer when I have questions. Overall, I am very pleased with my EPA process. Nothing negative about it at all. 
I'd like to give some feedback on my HR Support end point assessment. 
I would rate my experience a 10. Nick (my assessor) was so lovely and helpful!  thank you Nick 😀
I'd like to share my feedback on the end-point assessment task and how it all went during the assessment.
Firstly I've been reminded in advance about the task at hand and the ingredient order placement  by the academy which is a 10 from me. 
On the day of the assessment I found all ingredients and I've been warm welcomed by chef Ian which calmed me down a bit and gave me the necessary confidence to continue and allow myself to be creative. Great assessor! His interventions we're minimal and on point without disturbing the process.
To be honest my tasks we're sort of entirely my creations apart from ingredients and recipe provided to me by Fuller's. Unfortunately I couldn't practice at all the dishes before the assessment due to factors I couldn't control (missing deliveries, short staffed, long hours etc) but I believe everything went smoothly. 
Also the fact the we were only three candidates in a brand new kitchen enforced the idea of exam day pushing us to take it seriously and bring back all the knowledge we acquired during the course. 
Great experience! Great assessor! It was a great day altogether! 
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